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Marcella Beth Dresdale by Beth Dresdale1
Marcella Beth Dresdale, a photo by Beth Dresdale1 on Flickr.

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Nabeil Sarhan Music, a photo by Nabeil Sarhan on Flickr.

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Nabeil Sarhan 20, a photo by Nabeil Sarhan on Flickr.

As outrage over the anti-Muslim film “Innocence of Muslims” spreads across the Middle East, police were sent to the California home of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, the film’s producer, who according to authorities is frightened for his life.

Sheriff’s deputies were sent to the Cerritos, California home of Nakoula, 55, Thursday to protect him and his family, a senior law enforcement official told ABC News. According to a sheriff, the police were at Nakoula’s home overnight Thursday but have now left, as media reports identifying him as the man behind “Innocence of Muslims,” and listing his address, have circulated.



Innocence of Muslims’ producer’s identity in question; actors say they were duped, overdubbed


Guglielmo Winery tries fortunes in China


A family-owed winery with its roots in the Santa Clara Valley agricultural area is looking to Asia for 21st-century prosperity.


The owners of 86-year-old Emilio Guglielmo Winery have made their first foray into the Chinese market, shipping 2,800 cases of their products to the city of Guangzhou, China’s third-largest city located in the southern province of Guangdong. Gary Guglielmo, the winery’s general manager, said his company has opened two retail stores and an office in the area to sell its value-priced line – including a Carbernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot and Syrah – priced at $9.95 per bottle.


He said the key to establishing a wine business in China depends on finding individuals with deep knowledge of the market capable of building relationships with retailers and distributors. Helen Chan, the winery’s sales and marketing director for Asia, was selected to broker the deal and is now overseeing sales efforts in China.


Gary Guglielmo said he expects to ship another 2,800 cases of wine to China in the Spring